Daily Covid-19 cases from Omicron in US down 5% in the past week: CDC

WASHINGTON: The average daily Covid-19 cases from the Omicron variant in the United States fell about 5% in the past week, most notably in areas that saw an early surge in infections such as New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director said on Friday.
There were about 744,600 cases per day on average in the past seven days while daily Covid-19 hospitalisations were down about 1% at 21,000 admissions on average, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said at a press briefing, adding daily deaths, however, were more at more than 1,700 per day.
“In some parts of the country we are seeing the number of daily cases caused by the Omicron variant beginning to decline,” she said. “The surge in cases started at different times in different regions and (we) may continue to see high case counts in some areas of the country in the days and weeks ahead.”
Meanwhile, the United States Postal Service began shipping at-home rapid Covid-19 tests on Thursday after millions of orders were placed through a new federal website launched this week, the White House said on Friday.
The federal government has tens of millions of tests on hand to ship out, along with free higher quality masks, and will disclose next week how many households have ordered them, White House Covid-19 response coordinator Jeffrey Zients told reporters at a briefing.
Walensky also told reporters the agency was looking to shift its language on Covid-19 vaccinations to encourage Americans to be “up-to-date” with their shots by having a booster dose within a recommended time frame, but did not say whether the agency was formally changing its definition of fully vaccinated.

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