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About us

Our Approach

We started this site with 3 main objectives:

-> Tech News and RSS feeds

-> Customer Service and Tech help on demand

-> Eco-Friendly Digital products and green products reviews

We are continuously in the process of providing the best tech news available anywhere in the world and are researching on the latest and the best-in-business latest technology-driven Eco-friendly products and updating reviews and complete information that is available on the internet today. We are new in the business and realize well that businesses are built on faith. Faith on the information provided to the customers, faith between all the parties involved in the business. We believe that building faith and offering enough value in the information/product is the only legitimate way to establish a truly fruitful business in the long run. We welcome all our website visitors to contact us with any query through our ‘Contact us’ page any time.

Customer service: People who may have computer problems, but don’t have the time to take their computer or other devices to a repair shop will benefit from the services of a remote PC support. This particular feature of our business allows the customer to stay at home and get PC support service over the phone or through remote connectivity. This is beneficial to the customer because he can have his computer repaired without leaving his house and choose hos/her own time as per their convenience to get the tech problem/s solved. Moreover, the customer doesn’t know much about computer issues so technicians in local market generally exploit this for charging higher than what it actually takes to get the issues fixed and we eliminate that problem by providing a fixed-issue-specific-all inclusive support cost-list on the first contact of the customer and that support cost list will be valid for next 3 years ,that means,those costs will not change for the customer for next 3 years so whenever they contact us for support during that time period, they won’t worry about paying a higher cost for a specific issue and this will be a great sigh of relief for the customer as far as the fear of tech charging any outrageously high fee for support is concerned, we believe. Let me elaborate this further, for example, if customer contacts us with a support request on multiple devices for the same problem then the charges for fixing that particular problem will remain same for all the machines and there will be a 1 month’s review period on every issue fixed per device, which is not being offered by the technicians in most cases. Though if the issue is small enough that the customer could follow some simple technical steps to fix it on his own then we’ll first offer him a tech solution article to self-help. We believe in keeping things as simple as possible for the customer.

Digital Products: It’s a separate section of our website. In the main menu, there is a menu option  ‘Digital Products’, which will take the visitor to our Digital Products Review site called “https://www.technewlogy.online“, where visitors can search the kind of product they are looking for.


Every business has a beginning and a reason for why they are doing what they are doing. So, in my case- I have been a System’s administrator for about 14 years and worked for brands like IBM, HP, Tiscali, Airtel, iYogi, etc. Then once I faced a lot of problems because of the instability associated with private jobs these days and government policies. I faced times when I found it difficult to even take care of my family’s basic needs. I had to sell my car, surrender my newly purchased house to the bank as I was unable to pay the loan EMIs on time and the problems were not ending. I came back to my home town. My wife started a ready-made clothes business from home and after about 8 months of the start, she got a small rented shop nearby. I was helping her with everything I could do however all that was still not sufficient to run the family. One day, an old couple in the neighborhood asked my wife to suggest a good computer tech for a strange problem they were facing with their computer which was their bread and butter too. My wife informed them that I have been a system’s admin for years and could fix their tech problem. They came home and asked me to help, I did and they requested me to accept a fee for the fix, first I refused but they insisted so I took it. My wife saw this and suggested me to start this as a  business and in this way, I will not only be able to help others but my own self too. That’s when I took initiative and collected all the pieces and started off with this support system. It’s been about a year and I decided to go online to be able to reach more people around the globe instead of just supporting locally. During this 1 year , I have heard a lot of stories from customers about how they were scammed or how they were robbed by so-called techs in the market so I decided to create a fixed support price list and send it to the customers when they come to me to make it a fair deal for the customer and also give them a chance to compare it with other support providers before making a decision. That’s my story so far, thanks for reading.

The Team

I am Rahul Sharma, a system’s administrator by profession and I have worked for many Multinational companies in the last 14 years. Now I am running this business with an aim to provide true, latest, valuable, helpful technology news, best digital products, and genuine support to my website visitors and customers when they request for it.


Tech news

Rahul Sharma,

Founder & CEO



Next Steps…

By now you already know what this site is all about so if you ever need a more clear view on something related to the website, contact us through our ‘Contact us’ page or you can also email me directly to the email id provided on the footer of the site pages, thanks.


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