AI-powered Bing Chat positive factors three distinct personalities

Three different-colored robot heads.
Benj Edwards / Ars Technica

On Wednesday, Microsoft worker Mike Davidson announced that the corporate has rolled out three distinct character types for its experimental AI-powered Bing Chat bot: Artistic, Balanced, or Precise. Microsoft has been testing the function since February 24 with a limited set of users. Switching between modes produces totally different results that shift its stability between accuracy and creativity.

Bing Chat is an AI-powered assistant based mostly on a complicated giant language mannequin (LLM) developed by OpenAI. A key function of Bing Chat is that it could possibly search the online and incorporate the results into its answers.

Microsoft announced Bing Chat on February 7, and shortly after going reside, adversarial attacks often drove an early version of Bing Chat to simulated madness, and customers found the bot might be satisfied to threaten them. Not long after, Microsoft dramatically dialed again Bing Chat’s outbursts by imposing strict limits on how lengthy conversations might final.

Since then, the firm has been experimenting with methods to deliver again some of Bing Chat’s sassy character for many who needed it but in addition permit other users to seek extra correct responses. This resulted within the new three-selection “dialog fashion” interface.

In our experiments with the three types, we observed that “Artistic” mode produced shorter and more off-the-wall options that weren’t all the time protected or sensible. “Exact” mode erred on the aspect of caution, typically not suggesting anything if it saw no protected approach to obtain a end result. Within the middle, “Balanced” mode typically produced the longest responses with probably the most detailed search results and citations from web sites in its answers.

With giant language fashions, sudden inaccuracies (hallucinations) typically improve in frequency with increased “creativity,” which often signifies that the AI mannequin will deviate extra from the knowledge it discovered in its dataset. AI researchers typically name this property “temperature,” however Bing workforce members say there’s extra at work with the new dialog types.

In response to Microsoft worker Mikhail Parakhin, switching the modes in Bing Chat modifications elementary elements of the bot’s conduct, together with swapping between totally different AI models which have acquired further coaching from human responses to its output. The totally different modes also use totally different initial prompts, which means that Microsoft swaps the character-defining immediate like the one revealed within the prompt injection assault we wrote about in February.

Whereas Bing Chat continues to be only obtainable to those that signed up for a waitlist, Microsoft continues to refine Bing Chat and other AI-powered Bing search options constantly as it prepares to roll it out extra extensively to users. Just lately, Microsoft announced plans to integrate the know-how into Windows 11.

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