Google’s Nest Audio brings 50% more bass for $99

Google today introduced the Nest Audio, its latest smart speaker. The company is promising major audio improvements over the original Google Home speaker at a price of $99.

Key to the audio improvements are a new 19mm tweeter and 75mm mid-woofer. Combined with optimized software, Google says it can provide 50% more bass and 75% more volume than the original Google Home.

As with other Google Home devices, you can easily switch between various multiroom layouts for easy control over your whole-home audio. The device is covered in a classy-looking (and potentially cat-attracting) fabric, although it is made of 75 percent recycled materials on the inside, with what appears to be a cast aluminum chassis.

The device will be available in five colors for $99 starting October 5.


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Published September 30, 2020 — 18:29 UTC

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